Translation Services

When deciding on a translation firm, always keep in mind that there is far more to translation than just the words. Translation is not merely typing in a foreign language or plugging text into a translation program. Expertly translated communications should always appeal to the customers’ values and beliefs. They evoke feelings. They make an impact. And they deliver your message as effectively as the original text. UNO Translations and Communications is committed to providing culturally-sensitive, universal translations. We accomplish this by working only with certified translators who specialize in areas such as finance, business, banking, medical, education, legal, and marketing communications. Our stringent quality control process, led by our experienced translation managers, ensures the accuracy of our work — at least two translators review each translation before it is sent to the client.

UNO delivers more than just translations. We provide solutions. Through our TranslationAdvantage service, we can work with your team from the conception of your project until the final product is delivered. Whether it’s print or online, we have experience in working with graphic designers, printers, and website managers to ensure that all the elements of your communications work together to reach your target audience effectively.

What we offer…

  • Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing of translations, including character-based languages
  • Proofing of layouts from graphic designers and press proofs from printers
  • Project management from end-to-end, working with our vendors or yours
  • Development of a customized glossary specific to your industry and your company