We all make decisions every day that affect our lives and the lives of our families. From choosing a cell phone provider to making critical decisions about our health, the key to making the best decisions — decisions we can feel good about — is information. But it has to be the right information, at the right time and delivered in a way that makes sense to us.

It’s that last piece that can be tricky when you are targeting customers from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Taking an English ad and merely translating it directly into Spanish or Japanese is not going to bring the desired results. The Spanish and Japanese cultures are different; they value different things and see the world through their own eyes.

The value of a good translation firm is in the degree to which they understand these differences and are able to tailor your message to appeal to each of your customers. Click a service below to find out more about what we provide.


UNO Translations and Communications is committed to providing culturally-sensitive, universal translations.


Since some information is best heard in one’s native language, we offer interpretation services that are available on an as-needed basis.

Narration-and-Voice Over

UNO can help you deliver your Spanish message through any media.

Consulting Services

We offer marketing consultation services to help you make the most of your multicultural campaigns

English Language Services

Communication, in any language, is our specialty and UNO Translations and Communications can provide English writing

Speaking Services

Brigitta Toruno regularly keynotes major conferences and events for companies and organizations.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Customers understand better in their native language. Answer their questions in real-time with on demand phone interpreting.


Why choose UNO?

  • Top-notch linguists providing translations in over 200 languages
  • Experienced interpreters who understand the nuances of providing face-to-face, as well as over-the-phone, interpretation services
  • Male and female Spanish voice over and narration talent, along with script writing and editing
  • Communications professionals who can provide guidance on launching a Hispanic marketing campaign
  • Comprehensive communications services — from development of the original English concept through translation, design and production of the final product.