How Multilingual Video Narration Can Help Your Reach

We’ve talked a lot about how translation can help improve your videos. We’ve talked about adding multilingual subtitlesvideo transcription, and translating your script into many languages. But what happens once you’ve got your script translated? Having your script available in various languages is great. But will the same voiceover artists be able to deliver your content in other languages?

Luckily, we here at UNO Translations and Communications can help.

Whether you need a narrator for your video, voiceover talent, or someone to re-record your dialogue track in Spanish, or one of our other 200 languages, we’ve got you covered. We have male and female voiceover talent available for hire, available for a multitude of projects.

Why is multilingual narration important?

I mean, you COULD rely on your subtitles to relay your message, but subtitles just don’t work for everyone. For those with visual processing issues or low vision, reading subtitles isn’t an option. Or, maybe your audience is listening to your video while working on another project. Whatever the reason, you can’t rely on Spanish-language subtitles to do the work for you.

There are 41 MILLION native Spanish speakers in the USA, with another 12 million people who are bilingual. This is a major audience for your video content to reach, and you can’t do it without proper narration. And hey, there are more than just English- and Spanish-speakers in the USA, too. We can provide voiceover in more than 200 languages, to reach whatever market you’re addressing. If you’re ready to make the conversion, contact us now. We’re looking forward to helping you share your content with a wider, multilingual audience!

How Multilingual Video Narration Can Help Your Reach