For so many years I’ve heard people say to me that because I’m Latin, I must eat tacos and a lot of hot sauce.

But Latin American food is so much more than that! There is such a variety of wonderful food that you can find in Latin America. Some dishes within each country are hot and spicy, but not ALL of the dishes are. Here are some examples:

Argentina: chimichurri, churrasco, parrillada, mate, puchero, milanesa, provaleta, dulce de leche

Belize: johnny cakes, meat pies

Bolivia: Salteñas, charque de llama, Sopa de quinua

Brazil: Feijoada (meat stew), pao de queijo, bolo de rolo

Chile: chacarero, picoroco, chumbeque, arrollado de chancho

Colombia: sancocho, bandeja paisa,

Costa Rica: chicharrón

Cuba: Cuban sandwich, picadillo,

Dominican Republic: bandera, sancocho, Chicharrones de pollo

Ecuador: llapingachos, fanesca, locro, menestra, cuy, ceviche, salsa de ají, patacones

El Salvador: pupusas, curtido, atol de elote

Guatemala: pepian, desayuno chapín, tapado

Honduras: baleada, tajadas,

Mexico: enchiladas, mole sauce, chiles rellenos, tacos, pollo pibil, huachinango,

Nicaragua: nacatamales, vigorón, gallo pinto, chicharrón

Panama: hojaldras, caribbean porridge, carimañola, Panama, which means “abundance of fish,” lives up to its name with lots of fresh delicacies from the sea, including pargo (red snapper), corvina (sea bass), langostino (jumbo shrimp), langosta(lobster), calamari, cangrejo (crab), and pulpo(octopus).

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Paraguay: sopa Paraguaya, bori bori, mbeyu, reviro, jopara, arro quesu

Peru: papa a la huancaína, anticuchos, lomo saltado, ceviche, cau cau,

Puerto Rico: mofongo, lechón, arroz con gandules, asopao, cuchifritos

Uruguay: grappamil, asado

Venezuela: arepas, hallaca, pisca andina, dulce de lechoza, bien me sabe

And this is just a brief sampling! I highly suggest that you look up a Latin American restaurant near you and give it a try! You won’t regret it! And do I eat tacos? Yes, but not spicy ones. And I enjoy cuisine from many other countries too!

There are some foods that are consumed almost universally throughout Latin American countries. They include empanadas, tamales, chicharrón, arroz con pollo, licuados (fresh shakes), desayuno típico, rice and beans, plátanos, ceviche, flan, tres leches, arroz con leche, buñuelos – to name a few! There are often variations to how the food is prepared in each country, but these are the main categories.

What other delicious Latin American food do you know of? Please share!

You Eat Tacos, Right?