Long-time Loudoun County business changes name; enhances offerings

LANSDOWNE, Virginia (November 1, 2011) – UNO Communications today announced that it has expanded its company name to UNO Translations and Communications, LLC. The change comes to fully reflect the diversity of services offered by the company in the growing arena of international business as well as communications with immigrant groups in the United States.

UNO CEO Brigitta Toruño has always had a passion for both language and culture, founding the company in 1998 to help businesses in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. With the fast economic growth of the area, including the establishment of larger organizations, Toruño saw firsthand, that while companies still required translation services, they really needed to know how to do business with non-English speakers.

“Many companies today understand that in order to reach non-English speaking people, they need to first speak their language, which means having their materials translated,” says Toruño. “Smart companies realize that it takes more than just translations to make business grow and that an understanding of the target market and the best way to reach it is vital. That is where UNO comes in.”

Of Ecuadorian and Argentinian background, the Hispanic market is a special focus for Ms. Toruño. Reports from the US Census Bureau show that the Hispanic population in the US has grown by 43% in the last ten years. This market, largely untapped, is growing with businesses eager to find the best way in.

Toruño is excited by the new company image and focus stating, “Northern Virginia has been home my whole life. I look forward to working with local companies to guide them to the next level in international business.”

About UNO Translations and Communications
UNO Translations and Communications is your ONE source for translations and interpretations in over 100 different languages. Helping companies do business in other cultures is what we do best. For more information, please visit our website at, talk with us on Twitter or Facebook and see Brigitta’s upcoming columns in Modern DC Business.

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Aimee Taylor

UNO Communications changes name and expands services.