Case Studies
These case studies from two of UNO’s trusted clients display the scope and depth of some of our projects, highlighting why translation is so important across different industries. See for yourself what UNO’s clients have to say about our services!



In the Words of Our Clients…

  • “I have been so impressed with the professionalism and service provided by UNO Translations and Communications. Not only are they delightful to work with, the results are right on target!"

    --CEO, Leadership Consulting Firm
  • “Brigitta and the UNO Team are your best link to Loudoun’s richly diverse and growing immigrant populations. She doesn’t just know how to speak their languages, she knows where they shop, what they read, how they network and much more.”

    – Manager of Communications, Local Water Company
  • “UNO Translations and Communications has been a reliable asset for us. We have to make sure our patients receive the proper information and UNO’s translations help us do just that. When we need translations for our publications, UNO always provides high quality and professional services in a timely manner.”

    – Marketing & Community Relations Department, Local Hospital
  • “When we want professional, reliable, translation work done in a timely manner, we call UNO Translations and Communications. The quality of the translation work they have done for us has been exceptional. We trust them completely. Translations involve much more than simply using translation software and with UNO, we know that they are verifying their work and provide us with documents we can be proud of.”

    – Manager for Media and Community Relations, State Power Company
  • “I have been working with UNO Translations and Communications for several years and have always been pleased and impressed with the accuracy of their work, scope of service, quick turnaround, and reasonable cost. Highly recommended.”

    – Law Office
  • “What a relief in the very busy, complex world of on demand document translation to know, without a doubt, that UNO Translations and Communications will return our documents promptly, accurately translated and perfectly formatted. They even are able to note and alert us to repetitions or mistakes in the English versions in order to ensure quality and cost effectiveness.”

    – Program Coordinator, Local Medical Center
  • “UNO Translations and Communications is a great company to work with for translation services. UNO is very dependable, timely, and accurate. And best of all, they are easy to work with!”

    – Women’s Education Division, Local Government
  • “Our experience with UNO continues to be a key success factor as we strive to eliminate language-related health care disparities. UNO Translations and Communications has provided us with timely and accurate translations in addition to competitive pricing. Whether requesting minor or vital documents, we are always confident in the finished product!”

    – Executive Director, Healthcare Company
  • “Whenever the hospital needs a translated document, UNO rises to the occasion by providing exactly what we need, in as many languages as we need. I am always impressed by the professionalism with which each request is handled, and also by the timely manner in which our translations are completed. Brigitta is a pleasure to work with, and UNO is a valuable resource for our growing community.”

    – Cultural Diversity Liaison, Hospital
  • “UNO came through for us in a very big way when we were suddenly facing a tight deadline for three separate (and complicated) projects. Not only did they do a great job translating into 4 different languages everything from print ads and radio spot scripts to two large publications (one 145 and the other 350 pages), they also provided invaluable project management assistance along the way. The result was successful completion of all three projects within deadline. I highly recommend UNO Translations and Communications.”

    – Marketing Consultant, National Nonprofit Organization for community-based revitalization efforts.
  • “We have been using UNO Translations and Communications’ services for more than two years and continue to be impressed by their attention to detail, knowledge base and quick turnaround time. There have been several occassions that UNO has turned around large projects in one day, helping us meet critical deadlines. And, Brigitta is simply a pleasure to work with.”

    – Marketing Communications Manager, Performance Materials Company
  • *Full Client List available upon request.