Like translation, interpretation requires knowledge of and experience with the culture and values of the audience. In addition, interpreters need to understand the nuances of face-to-face communications and be well-versed in conversational standards that may differ from the rules that apply to written communications.

UNO Translations’ interpreters go through a rigorous process to be considered a qualified UNO linguist. We also offer training to all our interpreters to be sure that they are constantly receiving the latest training and certifications.

Because UNO Translations and Communications believes that some information is best heard in one’s native language, we offer interpretation services that are available on an as-needed basis. We can also provide customized interpretation for presentations to your Spanish-speaking customers. We will translate and prepare the presentation and have one of our interpreters deliver the information on your behalf.

ADA Compliance Services
We want to make sure your message is understood and well received by your entire audience, including the visual and hearing impaired. This is why we offer ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance services, such as sign-language interpretation, voice-activated pdf, and braille. Not only are these services offered in English, but in almost any of our 200 language combinations.

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