English-Language Services

Communication, in any language, is our specialty and UNO Translations and Communications can provide English writing, substantive editing, copy-editing and proofreading to help you maximize the impact of your message. But we can take it one step further.

  • If you are planning a campaign in English that you know will be translated, UNO can help you with the English writing, editing and design, so that you can develop a more universal campaign.
  • Do you have an existing marketing piece or campaign that needs to be translated? Do you want to know if the message works in other languages and cultures? UNO can review the English, make revisions as needed, translate the materials and oversee production of the final materials.

If you need an experienced writer or editor, contact us and we’ll get started right away… even if you don’t need any translations!


UNO also writes about cultural and linguistic topics, and we can write for you too! Here are some of our previous publications:

“Business in Brazil: Understanding the Etiquette”


Modern DC Business Magazine, Winter 2012 Issue #5


“Business Etiquette”


Modern DC Business Magazine, May 2012


“Cross-Cultural Competence”


Modern DC Business Magazine, Winter 2011/2012 Issue #4


Brigitta was featured in I Am Modern Magazine in the April/May 2011 issue:

“The Brigitta Pair”

By: Aimee Taylor