I sometimes wonder what colors mean throughout the world. Are there colors that some cultures do not like to use because they may have negative connotations? Are there some colors that are good luck? What are meanings that are given to colors at a global level?

Blue: Western culture = soothing, trust; Eastern culture = immortality; in the Middle East = protection; peaceful feelings

Red: Western culture = stop, love, excitement; In India = color of purity; China = symbol of celebration and luck; exciting

Green: Western culture = peaceful feelings, environmental awareness, go; Eastern culture = life, high-tech

Yellow: Western culture = hope, hazards; Eastern culture = sacred, imperial; optimism, energy

Orange: Western culture = autumn, harvest; India = sacred

Purple: Westen culture = royalty; Brazil = mourning; Eastern culture = nobility, reincarnation, mourning

Pink: Western culture = feminine, feeling loved and protected; also causes feelings of lethargy; Eastern culture = trust

White: Western culture = peace, purity; Eastern culture = mourning, death; Egypt = status

Black: Western culture = mourning, death, formality; China = trust, high quality; Thailand = evil, unhappiness, bad luck

Grey: Western culture = poverty, plainness; Papua New Guinea = mourning

Brown: Western culture = earthy healthy; Eastern culture = mourning

Silver: Western culture = stylish, money

Gold: worldwide = money, success, high quality

ok, there must be many more meanings to these colors. Can you please help me add to this list?

My favorite color is green, so what does that say about me? What is your favorite color?

Meaning of colors throughout the world