This article is the English version of a Spanish article I wrote in Chris Brogan’s OWNER magazine. You can find the original article here.


I took a trip to Boston for an amazing Owner’s Mind / BossFit live event. While I was there though, I lost my phone. I left it in a taxi. I can’t tell you the anguish I went through about this… on so many levels! But I want to focus on the positive. Is there a positive? Yes. It’s about some outstanding organizations/people that helped me through this and drove home to me what value means in a company.

I stayed at The Colonnade. The staff and I were all hoping that the taxi driver would bring the phone back (I didn’t get his name, cab number, telephone number, and I paid with cash…). Management at The Colonnade made sure that all of the staff knew what had happened and were on the lookout for anyone dropping off a cellphone, so that they could get the phone to me. It gave me comfort to know that the hotel cared enough to do this. All of the hotel employees that I encountered were wonderful people, from the manager to the bellman. This is a hotel that cares and shows great value. I will definitely return to this hotel in my future Boston visits.

The phone that I lost was a relatively new iPhone5S gold. A material beauty. No wonder it wasn’t returned. Anyway, because of Apple’s thoughtful technology, I had the “Find My iPhone” app installed. No, I didn’t find the phone (although I did track the driver going to Logan Airport, back into the city, etc. watching him escort my phone around town!), though I was able to click a button to signal that my phone was “lost”. This put a message on the phone screen that said “This phone is lost. If you find it, please call #####”. I opted to put the hotel phone number there. Twenty-four hours later, when I realized that I was not getting the phone back, I clicked on the button that erased all of my data on the phone. Again, this gave me great comfort to know that Apple had thought of all of this and it helped keep my anxiety somewhat under control! Because of Apple, I also had my phone data (contacts, etc.) on iCloud. Another relief! This is a company that cares and shows great value.

And of course Chris Brogan. I emailed him early the first day after I lost my phone, and he promptly said in a very Buddhist tone, what amounted to “Let it go Brigitta.” He said “erase the data, get a new one, and take a nap.” Well said Chris! Again, amazing value that this man offers.

The lesson to me is that you can find value in companies and people. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to experience this mishap because it brought all of my mindfulness practice to a test! It taught me that there at the core, we are all one in our basic humanity. There is always a silver lining in any situation!

What value in an organization/person have you found from a difficult situation? What value can you add to someone else’s day from a personal level or through your organization?

Lesson Of The Lost Phone