French beauty retailer, Sephora, can make anyone’s skin dewy and glowing. Yet, the e-commerce giant dumped one chic accessory for the sake of its operations – rose-colored glasses.

In 2012, the company’s pivot into Canada meant the retailer would have to cater to both English and French speaking markets. Unlike most companies, however, Sephora bypassed any legal and cultural snafus. So, the only thing shading its path was a fresh perspective to complement its luxurious, high-end products.

What was on-the-line for the beauty empire? A whole lot.

First, Canadian law states that companies based in Quebec, a French-speaking province, must feature Canadian French dialect on their websites. Without it, an entity’s license would be revoked. Ouch!

Second, Sephora was tasked with tracking and translating its content across all print and digital properties. Did we mention that Sephora boasts over 250 beauty brands, 1900 stores, and over $4 billion in revenue each year? Just one misstep or misinterpretation, in any context, could blow its namesake out of the water.

Sink or Swim? Translating Messages for the Masses

Instead of grabbing that life vest, the secret to making an overseas debut is simple: hire a translation and communication provider.

In a global economy, you don’t have to be a household name to contend with foreign language barriers. Chances are if you sell products online and in stores, your customer base is diverse and geographically “all over the map”. Experts, like UNO Translations and Communications, have a history in delivering the letter of the law and “talking the talk” for shoppers and bargain hunters everywhere.

Translating foreign languages is a sizeable job. Just look at the depth and breadth of UNO Translation’s services, not to mention the areas of your business that require cultural sensitivity and quality control:

· Written product descriptions
· Website copy
· Multicultural marketing campaigns
· Over-the-phone interpretation services
· Product design and labeling
· Legal communications and conditional disclaimers
· Employee cultural awareness training
· Customer service scripts and templated materials
· Media and public relations planning
· In-house documentation and standard operating procedures

Every segment of your e-commerce business should be integrated. Translation and interpretation services accomplish just that, so you can be a global powerhouse. It’s rare that a single vendor can wear so many hats such as enhancing multi-national relationships, protecting your SEO ranking, and single-handedly providing counsel for overseas marketing and product launches.

UNO Translations and Communications employs a three-point quality control process and stands by its guiding principles of integrity, accuracy, and dedication. If you’re seeking any of the above-mentioned needs, get in touch.

There’s beauty in making our mark on the world. Let’s get “glowing” together!


NOTE: International retailer, Sephora, is not a personal client of UNO Translations and Communications. For the purposes of this blog and its contents, Sephora merely serves as an example as well as an extension of effective business operations with regards to culturally sensitive marketing and legalities. UNO Translation’s client roster is diverse – from banking to education to business accounts – and we celebrate the ever-changing pace of many sectors, including the exciting world of e-commerce.

Got an E-Commerce Business? A Foreign Language Provider Will Scale Your Reputation and Profits
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