Do You Make Videos? You (Tube) Need Subtitles!

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, you’ll notice a trend. Where once people shared text, then text with images, now it’s all about the video. It’s so important, in fact, that Forbes has named video content one of the most important marketing tactics for 2018. They talk about how video can drive engagement, but there’s one important thing they forgot to mention: the importance of subtitles on your videos.

Social Media Demands Subtitles

I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid leaving the volume up on my phone when I’m out in public. There’s nothing worse than opening your social media in a quiet place, and having a video blasting at top volume. Now, while there are still some people who like to share their audio content with everyone around them, most people turn their sound off, like me. As a result, I tend to scroll past a lot of video content on my feed if it doesn’t have subtitles.

Subtitles are important for any video where the message isn’t readily understandable through the action alone. While video content gets 25% more engagement than any other form of media, it won’t be effective if your viewer can’t follow it while sneakily watching videos at work. Adding subtitles ensures that your message is reaching everyone who sees your video, not just those with headphones on.

Subtitling For Accessibility

Now, not everyone with a pair of headphones will be able to understand your video anyhow. Subtitling has long been an important accessibility tool for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Without subtitling, these communities lose much of their access to video content. Subtitles go a long way to fostering inclusivity.

Another way subtitles promote inclusivity is when they are translated. Not everyone watching your content speaks English, no matter where in the world your company is located. Offering subtitles in a variety of languages opens doors to a whole host of additional markets, and a lot of potential customers that may have otherwise missed out.

How do I add subtitles to my videos?

Adding subtitles is easier than you think. It just involves sending a quick message to UNO Translations and Communications. We can subtitle your video in English, and in over 200 other languages. Whatever your target market, we’ve got you covered! We even provide multilingual voiceover talent, if you’d like a secondary audio program for your video. Get in touch, and let’s get your videos reaching the widest possible audience!

Do You Make Videos? You (Tube) Need Subtitles!