You may think that I am referring to making sure that you’re not attending more networking sessions than you can handle, but I’m actually referring to something else.

I’m referring to my feeble attempts at balancing a purse, a glass, a plate, and business cards while attending a networking session. I have to explain that I’m not very coordinated, which is why I never worked as a waitress when I was young. I always envisioned accidentally dropping plates filled with hot food on the diners. So how do you do it?

Ok, this is what I have tried: I have my purse strap on my shoulder. So this means that the purse has to have a shoulder strap; it can’t have a hand-held strap only. I have my business cards in my pocket. So this means that I have to plan my outfit accordingly; there has to be a pocket in my skirt, pants, blouse, or jacket. I hold the glass in one hand and the plate in another hand. Ok, that works, except I have no free hands when I want to shake someone’s hand when I meet them and hand them a business card. Ok, from here I’ve figured out that I must have a table of some kind close by so that I can either put my plate or glass down while I socialize… Is this the solution? Please help!

Balancing Networking